Robert A. Beard & Associates, Inc. was formed in 1984 to provide technical, engineering and management solutions to both purchasers and processors of plastic products.


We provide technical, engineering and management solutions that will empower our clients to produce functional plastic polymer products at an acceptable quality level at the least manufacturing cost.  We support both thermoplastic and thermoset plastic manufacturing processes.


In this era of global recession, we help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) reduce their purchasing cost of plastic parts by 5% to 10% or more.   We help both captive and custom injection molders increase their net profit by 200% to 300% over typical industry ratios.  This increase in profitability can also be used to quote future business at more competitive rates, thereby increasing closure rates on new quotes.  We help injection mold makers design molds that cycle 20% to 40% faster.  We achieve these goals by doing a detailed analysis of the part and mold design as well as auditing the injection molding process at the molder's plant.  By using and implementing advanced technologies, we reduce cycle times and reject rates.

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